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Yahoo Wants To Be Relevant, Again.

Coming to you live from the 'Nawlins aka The Big Easy aka NoLa. The weather here sucks, but the food
Yahoo Wants To Be Relevant, Again.
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Coming to you live from the ‘Nawlins aka The Big Easy aka NoLa. The weather here sucks, but the food is pretty good! Now let’s get to some stories you may have missed while you were gearing up your kidneys for labor day weekend drinking.

#EPICFAIL Theresa May tries to do an African dance. 😂😂😂
#EPICFAIL Theresa May tries to do an African dance. 😂😂😂
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Interesting Quick Hits
  • What does your car know about you? As newer cars become more tech-savvy, auto-makers are dreaming up endless ideas on what to do with all the data generated by your car’s onboard sensors and computers, which are stored in cloud servers, and used to create more personalized advertising and services for drivers. Hyundai plans to use the data to help car owners get personalized discounts on auto insurance, while GM plans to use its vehicle data to help drivers find parking and schedule service appointments, and also help you moonlight as an Amazon delivery person.
  • US prison inmates stage nationwide labor strike as a protest of inhumane conditions. With estimated population of 2.3 million in the US, inmates have planned for 19 days of peaceful protest where they will refuse to work and stage hunger protests, for 10 key national demands. These include improved prison conditions, increased funding for rehabilitation services, voting reforms for ex-felons, an immediate end to imposed labor in return for paltry wages - a common practice in US prisons. Inmates will also plan to boycott commissaries, collect phone calls and other payment streams where private and state-owned companies make money out of the prisoners.
  • NY Black politician introduces bill to punish racist 911 callers as a hate crime, as a result of a white woman who called the cops on New York State Democrat Senator Jesse Hamilton who was campaigning in his Brooklyn neighborhood. “The bill would require the local district attorney to investigate racially motivated calls as hate crimes. Racist callers could be slapped with fines, sensitivity training, or jail time.”
  • The business of LVMH fragrance business relies heavily on its most critical elements, flowers, where a liter of its signature perfume, J’Adore contains 10,000 flowers including jasmine and roses grown around France. With effects of climate change looming, raw materials needed for creating your favorite and most exclusive fragrances are becoming short in supply. According to CCEI, Haiti which provides half the world’s supply of vetiver, a grass used in a host of fragrances, is the second most exposed country in the world to climate change, while Madagascar which provides 92% of global vanilla production is also classified as high and extreme risk of climate change in the CCEI index.
  • Skechers uncool footwear comeback has led a 836% return from 2012 to 2017 for its shareholders, thanks to branding itself as top brand for walking, work shoes and women’s casual lifestyle shoes, and paying washed up and retired athletes for tv endorsements. According to WSJ, Skechers return in the last 5 years is 3.5x, 4.5x and 14x the performance returns of Adidas, Nike and Under Armour.
  • How Google quietly bought Mastercard data to track your offline shopping habits. Let’s say you are online and click on an ad for a backpack, but you don’t purchase it, then later walk into a shop and buy that same backpack using a Mastercard, Google will get this data and correlate that card swipe to your clicking on that ad in your web browser. This allows Google to measure the impact of online advertising on real world purchasing behavior. 
  • Nestle wants to use your DNA, AI and Instagram food pics to provide better nutrition options for you. The “Nestle Wellness Ambassador” program which it started in Japan to recommend personalized lifestyle changes. The same company that’s giving you sugar candies wants to also give you kale smoothies, matcha teas, dietary supplements and conduct blood tests to help you know if you have diseases such as high cholesterol or diabetes, for $600 a year, in hopes of increasing your life expectancy and better health.
Companies YTD: Google +17%, Skechers -22%, Adidas +29%, Under Armor +42%, GM -12%, Ford -24%, Campbell’s Soup -18%.
Resources of the Week
  • GIPHY Film Fest! Are you creative enough and think you can entertain an audience in 18 seconds or less? Step up your meme game by creating and submit for a chance to win $10k.
  • Podcast: The Ringer - Steph Curry talks about recent Finals runs, the joy of playing with Klay Thompson, getting heated on the court, business and investing, and more.
  • Book: The Prophet, by Kahlil Gibran - Received as a gift, I read this incredible book in August. A short but very enlightening read filled with proverbs and wise teachings.
  • Video: Black Billionaire, Robert F. Smith interview with David Rubenstein on Peer to Peer Conversations. One of my role models and founder of Vista Equity Partners, talks about his life, career, and his investing philosophy.
  • Random: How an Instagram meme account, Daquan, became a media conglomerate business. Started from a teenage bedroom to a Manhattan office; with a growing staff who manages big marketing campaigns, brand integrations, and a team of meme makers supplying it with content.
Bonus: Warren Buffett's 88th Birthday Interview | August 2018
Bonus: Warren Buffett's 88th Birthday Interview | August 2018
This weekend’s brief was written while hanging in my Airbnb, in New Orleans as I try to avoid the rain, vibing out to “The Hipsternomics Mixtape” a random Spotify playlist I actually created, which spans various genres 🎧🕺🏿💃🏿. Hope you enjoy!
Thank you for reading through this weekend’s brief! Drop a note to share what articles you found most interesting this week.
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