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Labs Make Cheaper Diamonds; Nike Profits on Kaepernick Ad

Well folks, sports season is officially back (college football and European soccer are what matters)
Labs Make Cheaper Diamonds; Nike Profits on Kaepernick Ad
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Well folks, sports season is officially back (college football and European soccer are what matters) and I finally have an apartment to call home in Brooklyn, just in time before the fall begins. Now let’s get to some stories you may have missed this week, meanwhile, Jeff Bezos was living his best life at Club Liv in Miami.

yo, Elon! so you still taking Tesla private or nah?
yo, Elon! so you still taking Tesla private or nah?
After being considered as second-class luxury for decades, the technology producing lab-grown diamonds has since then improved to look, feel and contain the exact same chemical properties as mined diamonds, making it difficult to know the difference. While there are several smaller companies in the market who specializes in lab-grown diamonds, De Beers, which owns the largest diamond-mining operations in the world has decided to enter the market with its own line of lab diamonds with a low price tag of $800/carat. According to a recent study by MVI Marketing LLC, it showed that 70% of millennials would consider a lab stone as the centerpiece of an engagement ring. Not sure if their decision is based on the fact that lab diamonds are 50% cheaper than real diamond, or because they want to be environmentally conscious. Either way, fellas get your checkbooks ready.
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Interesting Quick Hits
  • Nike’s Colin Kaepernick’s ad generated over $163 million in free media exposure for Nike, according to Apex Marketing. Since the ad was aired, Nike online product orders rose 27 percent, according Edison Trends.
  • Newly signed Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act allows you to be able to freeze (and unfreeze) your credit without paying a fee. This can be a handy process to protect your identity if you get hacked.
  • Burberry plans to stop burning inventory it can’t sell, after receiving backlash over this ongoing practice. Burberry revealed in its annual report in July that it had burned $37 million of clothing and cosmetics, in order to “save its brand image” rather than selling them on discounts. The company also pledged to stop using fur, after criticism from environmental campaigners.
  • Harvard’s foreign farmland investment is drawing heat by social justice and human rights activists, for its “land grabbing- falsification of property titles and displacement of villagers-by companies Harvard later invested in.” Harvard university’s $37 billion endowment has various holdings including vineyards in California, dairy farms in New Zealand, and operations producing cotton, soybeans, and sugar cane in countries such as Brazil, South Africa, Australia, Russia, and Ukraine.
  • Uber will dismiss passengers under 4 stars Uber has rolled out a new feature in Australia and New Zealand to kick out passengers with ratings under 4 stars, in hopes of improving driver safety and efficiency. In Australia and New Zealand, the rating system is based on a rider’s last 500 trips. There’s no doubt that this feature will be rolled out in the US very soon, so start getting your Uber ratings up!
Companies YTD: Nike (+28%), Equifax (+15%), Burberry (+16%)
Resources of the Week
  • Podcast: Elon Musk gets high with Joe Rogan, talks how Elon comes up with crazy ideas and executes them, all while running Tesla, SpaceX, and facing SEC investigations.
  • Podcast: Chegg CEO talks with Corner Office (the company we all rented our college textbooks from), about what it’s like to battle against Amazon, and the future of education.
  • Book: Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek. Currently listening through this audiobook written by the same guy who brought you the epic TED talk and book “Start With Why”.
  • Random: GQ visits Senegal for an epic street fashion shoot. Dakar, the capital of Senegal is booming with development. But not even a skyline of cranes can interrupt its hypnotizing elegance and legendary chill captured in the fashion street vibes.
This weekend’s brief was written while having coffee at home, vibing out to “Lady Lady” new album from Masego. A dope jazzy + chill-hop vibes, my fav tracks are “I had a vision” and “Tadow” 🎷. Hope you enjoy! You can also watch this dope video of Tadow!
Thank you for reading through this weekend’s brief! Drop a note to share what articles you found most interesting this week.
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