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Incarceration versus education, and who really won the 2018 elections?

Coming off this week's midterm elections, I'm sure we've all heard all the stories about the election
Incarceration versus education, and who really won the 2018 elections?
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Coming off this week’s midterm elections, I’m sure we’ve all heard all the stories about the election winners and history-makers, so I will focus on talking about other interesting stories you might’ve missed. Thank you for reading, let me know your feedback!

From Kenyan refugee camp to U.S. Congress! Ilhan Omar
From Kenyan refugee camp to U.S. Congress! Ilhan Omar
Top Stories
How did various state residents and companies win or lose in this midterm elections?
Midterm elections are not always about the candidates who are running for seats, but also about the issues we are voting for which can have long-term social and economic impacts on our lives.
The States: Voters in Florida chose to restore voting rights to people who have served and completed their felony sentences. San Francisco voted to tax companies with revenues over $50m, to fund housing and services for the homeless. Massachusetts voters affirmed transgender rights in a statewide vote. Alabama, West Virginia and Oregon passed a constitutional amendment to recognize the “right to life” and deny public funding for abortion. Arkansas and Missouri voted to raise minimum wages statewide to $11 and $12, respectively. While Nevada voted to exempt feminine hygiene products from state and local sales taxes.
The Companies: Marijuana company, Tilray, was the biggest winner as Michigan and few other states voted to legalize marijuana for medical and recreational uses. Gunmakers embraced the split control of Congress which signals that a split government will prevent passing any meaningful gun legislation. Healthcare stocks seem hopeful as the likelihood of rolling back the Affordable Care Act has been reduced because of the Democrats winning the House, while a few states voted to expand Medicaid. Davita, a dialysis company also won big, as California voted against a proposal that would have limited how much clinics could charge customers for dialysis treatment.
Incarceration vs education: America spends more on prison system than its public schools
Chart of the week - October jobs report
U.S. employers added 250,000 jobs in October, and unemployment rate is at 3.7%. - Bloomberg
U.S. employers added 250,000 jobs in October, and unemployment rate is at 3.7%. - Bloomberg
Interesting Quick Hits
  • Walmart, Target and Amazon all walk into a bar and scream free shipping for everybody! Amazon announced its offering free shipping & delivery throughout the holidays without any spending minimum, as a counter response to Target’s free 2-day shipping deal. Walmart, your move.
  • When AMC goes high, Sinemia goes low, as AMC raised its subscription plan to offer different prices based on states. Instead of $19.95/month all around, California and NY residents will now pay $23.95, while some states’ residents will pay $21.95. Then comes Sinemia also announced a new $4 weekday movie plan to entice moviegoers from AMC.
  • America loves Tinder, and Match loves shareholders as the swipe-right company boasts 4 million premium paying members and expects to bring $800 million in 2018 revenue. Tinder alone brings in over 50% of revenue for its parent company, (which also owns Tinder siblings: Plentyoffish, Hinge, and OkCupid). Match will pay its shareholders a special dividend of $2/share on Dec. 19.
  • Yo, Disney, how’s business?… Booming! Thanks to strong movie releases from its Marvel vault and Pixar’s “The Incredibles 2” (which alone brought $1.24billion in ticket sales). Disney’s parks also brought in more visitors during the summer months with a revenue of $5billion. With its Fox merger in progress, Disney is planning for a streaming domination in 2019, with Hulu, ESPN+, and Disney+.
Companies mentioned (YTD): Walmart +7%, Target +33%, Amazon +46%, AMC +4%, Match +36%, Tilray +387%, Sturm Ruger +4%, Davita -4%, Disney +10%.
Resources of the Week
  • Classes: Here are 10 free university online art classes interested in mastering a new creative skill, or learn to draw comics? Explore free art classes from Yale, CalArts, etc.
  • Book: Charlie Munger, the Complete Investor by Tren Griffin. I’ve just finished this audiobook about the investing genius and business partner of Warren Buffet. Although this is a good book (not great), I would rather recommend “Poor Charlie’s Almanac” as a better read about Charlie Munger.
  • Resource: A creative’s guide to start a new business You have a creative idea going into 2019, but don’t know how or where to start? This is an informative step-by-step guide.
  • Charity: Charities where your money goes long way Tis the season for giving and all the charities know it. So before you throw your hard-earned money away, here’s a handy guide to evaluate charities and make sure your money is going towards greater impact and not administrative costs.
  • Podcast: Doug McMillan, CEO of Walmart For the second week in a row I’m highlighting an episode from Tim Ferriss. This is a brilliant interview on how the CEO of Walmart thinks, reads, operates, and also manages stress.
  • Art: Andy Warhol Retrospective at the Whitney Museum NYC. Though not a huge fan of Warhol, I’m interested in checking out this exhibit to learn more about his contribution to art or if he’s really just hype.
Just for fun: "You Are Jeff Bezos"
This weekend’s brief was written at Devocion cafe in downtown Brooklyn, while listening to a few albums: “MIH-TY” by Ty Dolla $ign & Jeremih, “Room 25” by Noname, and “Life is Eazi, vol 2 - Lagos to London” by Mr. Eazi.
Thank you for reading through this weekend’s brief! Drop a note to share what articles you found most interesting this week, or any feedback.
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