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How smartphones contribute to child labor; McDonald's goes chemical-free

I hope that this past weekend was a great one for you as it was for me and all my friends and my youn
How smartphones contribute to child labor; McDonald's goes chemical-free
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I hope that this past weekend was a great one for you as it was for me and all my friends and my younger brother who all came out to NYC to celebrate their birthdays! Also, don’t forget to hug and high-five your favorite Nigerians wherever you are, or just go enjoy some jollof rice in honor of Nigerian Independence Day, October 1.

Cobalt, Child Labor, and Your Phone Battery
McDonald’s Removes Fake Ingredients From Burgers
Chart of the week
Hope you don't have a Honda!
Hope you don't have a Honda!
Interesting Quick Hits
  • U.S. health system ranked among the least efficient in the world, according to a report by Bloomberg. “The U.S. will cost you the most for treatment, both in absolute terms and relative to average incomes, while life expectancy of Americans -about 79 years- was exceeded by more than 25 countries and territories”. US ranked 54th.
  • Michael Kors buys Versace for $2.1 billion, just a year after buying Jimmy Choo for almost $1 billion, and plans to fold all three brands into a new company called Capri Holdings. Michael Kors, however, plans to close more than 100 stores and streamline its products to reposition the brand as a more luxurious label.
  • Facebook gets hacked, up to 50 million accounts affected which could’ve possibly “let the intruder act like users on their profiles, or on any applications where they signed in using Facebook.” The hack was disclosed a week ago.
  • Want to invest like a Vegan, there’s an ETF for you new funds seeking to address the concerns of vegans, animal lovers and environmentalists by avoiding investments in companies whose activities directly contribute to animal suffering, destruction of the natural environment and climate change, are becoming more available to investors. Vanguard, the second largest ETF issuer in the world, recently rolled out a cheap ETF fund available, The Vanguard ESG U.S. Stock ETF, or ESGV, charges just $1.20 per $1,000 invested.
Companies mentioned in this brief (stock % YTD): McDonald’s -3%, Michael Kors +9%, Facebook -8%,
Resource of the Week
  • Determine your ROI: Do you wonder if a higher professional degree will be worth the cost in your long-term earnings? Zippia has put together a tool that helps break it down for each step up the educational ladder—including bachelor’s, master’s, and professional degrees.
  • Art: Jean-Michel Basquiat in Paris - Opening in October, a major exhibition of Basquiat’s work will be exhibiting at the Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris, with many never-before-seen paintings and drawings.
  • Podcast: Side Hustle School - If you’re trying to make a big change, a hustle can help you build a foundation to move on to something else. If you love your day job, that’s great too, the hustle will provide a creative outlet and a backup plan.
  • Investing: NerdWallet published a simple but effective blog post on How to choose a Financial Advisor, and how to decide whether to use a Roboadvisor or a Personal financial advisor.
This weekend’s brief was written at Hungry Ghost in Park Slope, Brooklyn, while listening to Iman Europe’s new project a “Nami” a soulful chill R&B vibes - interesting fact: went to college with her. In the spirit of Nigerian independence, here’s a new Afrobeats mix I discovered. Hope you enjoy!
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